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#1 Tallahassee Highland Games - Robert THE Bruce Sponsorship

#1 Tallahassee Highland Games - Robert THE Bruce Sponsorship

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Robert the Bruce Sponsorship Package Bonuses

  • Largest volume of Festival Signage
  • Select and NAME a sporting event
  • Additional signage at your sponsored sporting event
    • ‘Shenanigan’s Caber Toss’ or ‘Axe Hardware’s Tug of War’ for example

Sponsorship Package:

- Largest volume of Festival Signage
- Unique Focused Ads/Social media
- Logo on website
- Logo on Event Shirts
- Your choice of placing business cards or item(s) in athletic competitors swag bag
- Sponsors Dinner event
- 20 Event tickets
- Sponsorship plaque


The Tallahassee Highland Games is a 501(c)3 IRS Tax deductible sponsorship and non-profit event hosted by 'May and Fain Cultural and Sports Corporation.' Additionally we welcome donations of supplies and "In Kind' exchanges focused to help the Scottish Games festival, our cultural resources, volunteers, athletes, etc.

*This sales page is not publicly listed, and not intended for public view. All sponsor purchases must be approved by appointed board members or committee chairs. If you are here, you should likely have been provided the link by a member of the Tallahassee Highland Games committees. If you have questions, reach out to your representative or email for more information.

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A Festival of Strength and Culture

Bring the family, your friends or the entire clan for two days of competition, culture, celebration and more.