Caber Toss Championship

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which competitors throw a large tapered pole called a "caber". Those with the best technique and Strength will prosper and win. 

 The Tally Highland Games is a festival hosted by athletes, for athletes!

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  The caber toss is said to have developed from the need to toss logs across narrow chasms (in order to cross them), lumberjacks needing to transport logs by throwing them in streams, or by lumberjacks challenging each other to a small contest.


Registration will be part of the IHGF All American Highland Games Series: Click here for Iron Podium registration link

All scores will be entered into NASGA database
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Start Time & Schedule

  • Sat Feb 3
    • 9:00 AM
      • Men's Open Highlands
      • Women's Open Highlands
      • Mens Novice Stones of Strength
      • All Women's divisions for Stones of Strength
  • Sun Feb 4th
    • 9 AM
      • Women's Novice Heavy Athletics (Highland Games)
      • Men's Novice Heavy Athletics (Highland Games)
      • Women's Masters
      • Men's Masters
      • Women's Adaptive 
      • Men's Adaptive 
      • All Men's divisions for Stones of Strength
         * Kilt required to compete. We have partnered with Sport Kilt to provide our attendees and athletes a discount code.
        Movement standards will be in accordance with IHGF rules seen here

        Caber Toss:

        The competitor may take any length of run he wishes and may toss the caber from where he chooses, as long as it is within the judge’s boundaries. If the competitor allows the caber to fall before lifting it off the ground, this shall count as an attempt. If the competitor drops the small end of the caber back to the ground after having picked it up, this also counts as an attempt. The caber must pass through the vertical position in order to count as a turned caber. The vertical position is 90 degrees and it is up to the side judge to determine if the caber has passed through it. The “clock face method” of judging shall be used. The caber in a perfect toss will pass through the vertical position and land with the small end pointing directly at 12 o’clock in an imaginary straight line extending from the competitor through the initial landing point and in line with the direction of the run. A valid turn is when the small end of the caber passes through the vertical position and falls away from the competitor to land within the 180-degree radius, between 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. If the competitor does not turn the caber, then it is the responsibility of the side judge to determine the angle at which the caber was tossed with respect to the 90 degree vertical.


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