Featured Clans

Spotlight on Our Featured Clans at the Tallahassee Highland Games! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

This year, we're beyond excited to bring into the limelight the remarkable clans that have shaped the tapestry of Scottish history. Join us in celebrating their indomitable spirit, rich traditions, and ancestral tales that have withstood the test of time!

🌟 Clan Sinclair 🌟 Our honored clan this year, Clan Sinclair's legacy is woven with tales of bravery, mystery, and dedication. With the esteemed presence of The Ret. Honorable The Earl and Countess of Caithness, this gathering promises to be a historic rendezvous. Dive into their intriguing ties with Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, and the enigmatic Knights Templar. Their vibrant history showcases a lineage like no other.


We're eager to witness the vibrant display of tradition, camaraderie, and culture these clans bring to our games. Their stories inspire us, and their presence reminds us of the rich heritage that the Highland Games represent.

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Clans and Societies
We welcome Clans and Societies from Scottish and Celtic cultures to the 2024 Tallahassee Highland Games.
Come, be a part of this cultural confluence, and immerse yourself in the legacy of our featured clans. See you there!
“Tha e na urram dhuinn aoigheachd a' thoirt don chinneadh agad”
It is our honor to host your Clan.

2024 Attending Clans & Societies:

Daughters of the American Revolution 

Fort San Luis Chapter, NSDAR: This chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is dedicated to historic preservation, education, and patriotism, focusing on the heritage of American independence. They engage in various community service activities, honoring the legacy of ancestors. Website


Clan Leslie Society

Clan Leslie Society International: Representing the Leslie family's rich history, this society promotes cultural heritage and offers resources for genealogical research, connecting members to their Scottish and Hungarian roots. Website


Clan MacLellen Society

Clan MacLellan: This clan has a significant presence in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, and is known for MacLellan’s Castle. The society aims to preserve and promote their historical and cultural heritage, engaging in Highland Games and cultural events. Website


Clan Sinclair: Our 2024 Honored Clan; With ties to the Knights Templar and early American exploration, Clan Sinclair holds a notable place in Scottish history. They actively engage in cultural preservation and participate in Scottish heritage events. Website


American Clan Gregor Society

American Clan Gregor Society: Representing the MacGregor clan, the society fosters the preservation of Clan Gregor’s heritage. They organize gatherings and provide educational resources about their defiant Scottish history. Website


Clan Bell Society

Clan Bell Society: Tracing its origins to the Borders region of Scotland, the society encourages the study of Bell family history and participates in Scottish cultural events, celebrating their Border Wars heritage. Website

Clan MacNicol
Clan MacNicol
: With roots on the Isle of Skye, Clan MacNicol preserves and celebrates their cultural heritage through participation in Highland Games and gatherings, highlighting their Norse-Gaelic origins. Website


Saving Scottish Wildcats

Saving Scottish Wildcats: Focused on conserving Scottish wildcats, this initiative is crucial in preserving Scotland’s wildlife heritage, involving research, awareness, and conservation efforts. Website

Clan MacEwen
Clan MacEwen
: One of the ancient clans, Clan MacEwen has historical lands around Loch Fyne. They promote the preservation of their heritage and participate in cultural and historical events. Website


Clan Campbell 

The Clan Campbell Society N.A.: Representing one of the largest and most powerful Highland clans, the society focuses on preserving and sharing the history and heritage of the Clan Campbell, organizing cultural events. 

Clan Logan Society International
Clan Logan Society International:
With origins shrouded in mystery, the Logans' history is a blend of lore and legend, the Logans, known for their resilience in the Scottish Highlands, have played a significant role in Scotland's past. Notably, they stood alongside Robert the Bruce in the Wars of Scottish Independence, showcasing their martial valor. Celebrate their enduring spirit and delve into their captivating history at the Games or on the Clan Logan Society International website.


Clan Hamilton

Clan Hamilton: Originating from Hamilton, Lanarkshire, the Clan Hamilton played significant roles in Scotland’s history. The society is dedicated to preserving this rich heritage. Website


St Andrew Society Tallahassee

St. Andrew Society of Tallahassee: Dedicated to celebrating Scottish culture in Tallahassee, this society organizes events to promote Scottish traditions and connect those with Scottish ancestry. Website


Clan MacKenzie Society

Clan MACKENZIE: Known for their prominent role in Scottish history, the society focuses on cultural preservation and hosts events that celebrate the clan's heritage. Website


Clan MacLeod

Clan MacLeod USA: Famous for Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, Clan MacLeod actively participates in cultural events, fostering a sense of community. Website

Clan Buchanan society International: With historical ties to Loch Lomond, Clan Buchanan has a notable Scottish history. The society is active in cultural preservation and participates in Scottish cultural events. Website


Clan Donald USA: MacDonalds

Clan Donald USA - Gulf Atlantic Region: Representing the MacDonalds, the largest of the Scottish clans, this region focuses on preserving Clan Donald’s heritage and history. Website


Clan MacDuff

Clan MacDuff: Known for their history and influence in Scotland, Clan MacDuff actively participates in cultural events to preserve their legacy. Website


Clan Lindsay Society

Clan Lindsay: With their historical roots in the former district of Angus, Clan Lindsay plays an active role in preserving Scottish heritage through various cultural activities. Website


Clan Ranald Trust

Clanranald Trust: The Clanranald Trust is deeply invested in educating the public about Scottish history and culture. Through interactive experiences and events, they bring history to life, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Scotland's rich past. Website


House of MacAlpine: The House of MacAlpine, with its rich connection to Scotland's history, emphasizes its role in celebrating and preserving Scottish cultural heritage. As a family-based organization, we are dedicated to educating about and promoting our heritage. Since 2000, we have been actively involved in sponsoring tents at Highland Games, growing into a global community. Our lineage, suggested by the old Gaelic saying “Cnuic is uillt is Ailpeinich” (Hills and Streams and MacAlpine), symbolizes our deep-rooted connection to the land, akin to the ancient hills and streams of the Earth. Website


Clan Stewart Society

Clan Stewart Society in America: Representing the Stewart clan, with its royal connections and significant place in Scottish history, this society is dedicated to the preservation of Stewart heritage. They are actively involved in cultural and historical events, celebrating their rich lineage. Website 


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